Jeudis de l'entreprise - 19 octobre - 13h30 - Amphi Nord

A  Modern Quantitative Approach to Ecology: the case of penguins population dynamics.

R. Planas - Centre Scientifique de Monaco

During more than 15 years, our group has been monitoring several penguin colonies in Antarctica and other subantarctic islands. Recent technological advances have made possible to increase the amount of data generated by several orders of magnitude, and measure with precision a variety of factors that seemed impossible a few years ago. However, this volume and variety of data pose numerous problems to analyze it using traditional statistical methods in Ecology.   

We will explain how our group is adopting a machine learning approach, and the difficulties faced during the whole workflow; from data acquisition in the field under extremes condition, to the challenge of communicating the results to audiences used to traditional methods, passing through the difficulties to adopt textbook techniques to real data sets.

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